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Debra Johnson Counselling

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How does counselling work?

Modern life can lead to exhaustion and a feeling that we’ve lost touch with what is really important. In an attempt to meet our responsibilities we have little time or energy for ourselves; we forget to check that our lives are on track. Often we are forced to slow down because of an  illness, personal trauma, an addiction  a crisis, or a relationship breakdown which forces us to reflect on our lives.

During Counselling a space is created where the client can reflect on where they are heading; Are they on course, lost or unable to choose the way forward?  

Counselling allows people to create a safe therapeutic space to explore those aspects of themselves that they’ve been hiding often because of feelings of despair, fear or rejection. Here they can learn to understand and accept who they are, become more whole and authentic without fear of being judged.

My role as a Therapist is to  support and guide my clients towards achieving their goals and develop better emotional strategies so that they can see themselves, others and life with more clarity, often from a different perspective. Our work together assists them by developing new skills that  help support them work through life’s ongoing challenges, promoting healing, growth and emotional resilience.

The relationship between counsellor and client is unique. As a counsellor I explore hidden areas of my clients’ inner experience, often where no other person has been invited. I am privileged to be allowed to share in such personal experiences. This process often enables clients to become 'unstuck' having been too afraid to examine or share these areas of their life for fear of shame and ridicule.  

So what are the benefits of counselling? 

The goal of counselling is to develop a therapeutic relationship with the client and together explore ways in which we can meet their needs and promote growth. At its core therapy is a confidential and collaborative relationship where the therapist guides the client on a journey of increased understanding at their pace. Through this therapeutic relationship both focus on the goal of alleviating distress and rekindling hope. Often situations in life leave us feeling powerless and without choices. 

Counselling sessions can be playful and painful, fun and hard work but ultimately have the potential to be life changing. As a therapist my role is to help my client move from a position of self doubt or insecurity to one where they feel more in control of their life and have the confidence to move forward and "change the way they feel."